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I took the Gold Package. Regarding Advanced Interview Course, liked how clear, concise, relevant and straight to the point it is. I like the fact that Guillaume knows exactly what he's talking about.

His experience is invaluable!
“Anonymised feedback, November 2023”

Having followed Advanced Interview Course version 2 has been a real pleasure. A lot of good advices, concrete

examples, and explanations about aviation HR processes. I am measuring my words but I can

tell that knowing all of this can be a game changer into an interview environment. 16PF

questionnaire with specialist debriefing is a real added value into this course, I truly recommend it, it is definitely worth it.

“Anonymised feedback, November 2023”

I liked the explanations about the different types of interviews and what recruiters are looking for in them. The Key Competencies and examples of related questions allow me to see exactly what to expect and how to orient my speech to allow recruiters to see in me the qualities necessary for the position.The company info sheets are very well done and the explanations of how to create them for yourself are also good. The 16PF test and the debrief is very useful for orientation as well.

“Anonymised feedback, November 2023”
I took the Gold Package, which includes the CV and Cover Letter Course. Part of that, I took a CV and Cover Letter review service. I appreciated Guillaume’s meticulous revision of my CV and Cover Letter. The patient explanations behind each recommendation and change were helpful in understanding the rationale for the adjustments proposed. His insightful feedback not only helped me understand how recruiters perceive my CV and cover letter, but also helped me to streamline the information for quick comprehension. By focusing on quality content and reducing its length, it helped me create application documents that capture attention effectively.
“Anonymised Feedback, November 2023”
I got a lot of benefits from the Advanced Interview Course and feel very well prepared. From the 16PF debrief, I’ve learned some aspects of my personality that I did not know about before. The 16PF analysis shows how could you prepare for difficult questions you could have from the recruiters. This way, I can approach any interview feeling much more confident.
“Anonymised feedback, October 2023”
Dear Guillaume,I want to tell you how happy I’m about finding your platform and courses. It made my preparation so much easier to plan and to undergo.Kind regards.
“Anonymised feedback, September 2023”
Dear Guillaume,I hope you’ve been well. I wanted to let you know how happy I am. I just heard back from FlyDubai and I my application was successful. I’d like to thank you for your help. It was instrumental to this positive outcome.
“Anonymised feedback, June 2023”
After experiencing failure in a selection process for which I was poorly prepared, I followed the AIC program, which clearly made me understand the expectations of an airline recruiter. As a result, I arrived well-prepared, ready to answer all the questions, which also allowed me to have confidence in myself, reduce my stress, and therefore present the best image of myself.
“Anonymised feedback, March 2023”
Despite being already experienced and current on type, I find the content of the Sim Preparation Course very helpful. For me it was also a good review of everything after having been away from aviation for a while, and very good inputs about common mistkes and how to avoid them.
“Anonymised feedback, December 2022”
Advanced Interview Course gave me an excellent overview of what will be expected from me during an airline selection. With that in mind and all the simple models, I feel more comfortable entering the room for the interview.
“Anonymised feedback, October 2022”
Regarding the Air France selection, the big plus points of this course are for me the 16PF, the experience sheet and the option of a practice 121 interview. I actually believe that it was easier to fill the experience sheet after having done the 16PF.
“Anonymised feedback, June 2022” 
I like in Advanced Interview Course the fact that Captain Guillaume goes really deep into the discussion and gives me an overall big picture of the hiring process. I particularly liked module 8 with examples given for tricky questions. I also like that Guillaume is very passionate about his field of work. The CV and Cover Letter Course was precise, to the point and gave valuable information.
“Anonymised feedback,  June 2022"
The CV and Cover Letter explanations are clear. Each part of CV or CL are viewed step by step and also reminded in a pdf. All exemples given are relevant.
“Anonymised feedback, February 2022”
The whole Advanced Interview Course is very interesting.A real fascination for human ressources and recruitment process transpires from each moduleand make them easy to handle.In a word, I wish I had learned all of this earlier !
“Anonymised feedback, March 2022”
I liked the explanations about the different types of interviews and what recruiters are looking for in them. The competency questions and related question examples allow me to see precisely what to expect and how to guide my answers to demonstrate the necessary qualities for the position.The company information sheets are well done, and the explanations of how to get there are also helpful. The 16PF questionnaire and the debrief are very useful for orientation as well.
“Anonymised feedback, January 2022”

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