Jan 17 / Airline Selection Programme

Unveiling Insights into the Pitch, Speed, V/S Triangle for Enhanced Simulator Performance

Hey pilots,

We continue our commitment to delivering valuable insights to you with our latest video release on the Pitch, Speed, V/S triangle from our YouTube series "Simulator Preparation for Airline Assessments".

In this second part of the series, you are taken through a concise yet comprehensive explanation of the crucial concepts within the Pitch, Speed, V/S triangle. The video serves as a fundamental guide, laying the groundwork for mastering this essential aviation technique.
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Guillaume, CEO of Airline Selection Programme, introduces the triangle, emphasizing its importance in making precise adjustments to Vertical Speed (VS). The tutorial navigates through the relationships between pitch, speed (True Airspeed), and Vertical Speed, providing a valuable tool for simulator assessments.

Key points covered in the video include:
• Understanding the relationship between pitch, speed, and V/S.
• The significance of True Airspeed (TAS) as the reference speed.
• Practical applications of the triangle in simulator exercises.
• Adjustments needed for specific climb rates at different speeds and altitudes.

We encourage you to practice and internalize the theory, ensuring a quick and confident response during simulator assessments. We also emphasize the practicality of the technique, particularly during initial evolutions and on the glide phase of the approach.

While the video provides a foundational understanding, we hint at the depth of insights awaiting you in the full Sim Preparation Course, especially for the final approach where precise pitch control is paramount.
Airline Selection Programme invites you, aspiring pilots, to explore this valuable resource. The video is available on our YouTube channel.