Dec 7 / Airline Selection Programme

Succeeding the Classic Airline Interview is tougher than you think

Welcome, pilots!

We're back with part two of our exclusive series, "Succeed at Airline Interviews." This series is designed for pilots to get a good idea of the different types of airline interviews, and simple strategies to navigate them.
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In this episode, we dwelve into the Classic Interview, which is the most difficult since the person interviewing you is likely a pilots an instructor or someone at the chief pilot’s office. They are very skilled at their job, but untrained in recruitment. They think they can find, in a simple conversation with you, whether you’ll do the job properly and go about it in random ways.

The Classic Interview therefore focuses more on intuition than systematic and oriented questioning.

Interviewers tend to value personal connection over your job performance and your collaboration abilities.

This creates recruitment errors at the organizational level and can of course, cost you your job.

When seeking opportunities in less advanced airlines, the Classic Interview is common.

Whilst these sessions are often conducted by individuals without formal recruitment training they will of course have good intentions. And this is we’re you’ll come in to get a win. You’ll gradually win them over with your professionalism, knowledge of the job and self knowledge, even if their initial gut feeling wasn’t on your side.

To that effect, you’ll used the strategies learned in the Advanced Interview for the classic interview, bearing in mind what the recruiter is set to achieve here: trying to “like” you, when the advanced recruiter was trying to gather evidence.

At the classic interview you smartly bring the evidence. This will result in the recruiter will subconsciously and then consciously start to “like” you.

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