Feb 29 / Airline Selection Programme

Preparing for Airline Selections at Pilot Expo 2024

Our CEO, Guillaume Debauchez, took the stage last February 23 at Pilot Expo 2024 to deliver a compelling speech on the importance of preparing for airline selections. Drawing from his extensive experience in the aviation industry, Mr. Debauchez shared insights gained from his distinguished career, which began at British Airways in Heathrow before ascending to the role of Captain on the B777 at Emirates.
As a seasoned pilot recruiter, Mr. Debauchez recognized a significant gap between the training provided by Aviation Training Organizations (ATOs) and the expectations of airlines during recruitment processes. This disconnect often resulted in higher-than-necessary recruitment failure rates. Through his observations, he identified that candidates who were adequately prepared ahead of their selections demonstrated higher levels of confidence and projection, leading to substantially improved success rates. This not only benefits the candidates themselves but also proves to be highly efficient for airlines, enabling them to fulfill their recruitment needs more expediently.

At the forefront of addressing this issue is Airline Selection Programme's flagship course, the Advanced Interview Course. This pioneering eLearning program stands as the world's only course exclusively focused on airline selections, boasting exceptional outcomes for candidates across various airlines. Facilitated by a major airline recruiter, the Advanced Interview Course has garnered acclaim for its effectiveness and relevance in preparing candidates for the rigorous demands of airline selections.
Commenting on his presentation at Pilot Expo 2024, Mr. Debauchez remarked, "It was an honor to address such a distinguished audience at Pilot Expo 2024. As we navigate the evolving landscape of aviation recruitment, it is imperative that candidates receive the necessary preparation to excel in airline selections. Our Advanced Interview Course stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering candidates and supporting the aviation industry's recruitment needs."