Jan 5 / Airline Selection Programme

Introducing Our New Video Series - 'Simulator Preparation for Airline Assessments’

Dear pilots,

We're thrilled to share our latest video series "Simulator Preparation for Airline Assessments" designed to bring you valuable insights for your upcoming sim assessment. These videos work out as mini-course, introducing you to various components of the Simulator Assessment.

In 'Part 1,' we mention the 5 Key Pitch Settings, crucial for you to maintain capacity throughout the exercise, so you keep situational awareness and make better decisions. 
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The airline sim assessment is unique. It differs from any other sim exercise you’ll do in your career. It’s different from what you did at your MCC, what you’ll do during a Type Rating and what you’ll do during your recurrent checks. WIth no autopilot, no flight director, no FMA and no Map but just 2 crossing VOR needles, it can be quite disorientating. 

The 5 Key Pitch Settings will help you greatly. It presents a structured approach to airplane configuration whatever the weight, and teaches you how to fly in a stable and controlled way at all times, so you can focus on making decisions. You then get to shine with your non technical skills to pass your selection. 

We detail the 5 Key Pitch Settings both for the B737 the A320.

The beauty of the 5 Key pitch settings lies in its simplicity. The rest of our course and the Sim Preparation Course takes you further you with comprehensive training modules that will bring you augmented knowledge for your simulator assessment, but also enhanced operational knowledge that will be useful at the interview.

This new series serves as an introduction to our dedicated course, the Sim Preparation Course, providing essential skills and expertise as you prepare for your Sim Assessment.