Feb 28 / Airline Selection Programme

Highlighting Leadership and How it Extends beyond the Pilot Flying (PF) role to include the Pilot Monitoring (PM) Responsibilities

In the aviation industry, securing a position with a prestigious airline often requires more than just flying skills. To shed light on the intricate process of airline selection and provide invaluable insights, we launched a groundbreaking YouTube series titled "Simulator Preparation for Airline Assessments".

The last installment in this series, released today, delves into the critical aspects of the Simulator session, offering a comprehensive guide on what candidates can expect and how to excel in this pivotal phase. From navigating the briefing room to handling diverse scenarios with precision and teamwork, our CEO Guillaume Debauchez shares invaluable strategies drawn from years of experience in the aviation industry.
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In the video, Guillaume emphasizes the importance of effective leadership and teamwork, highlighting that leadership extends beyond the Pilot Flying (PF) role to include the Pilot Monitoring (PM) responsibilities. With a keen focus on Crew Resource Management (CRM), Guillaume underscores the active role of the PM in monitoring, assisting, and, if necessary, intervening decisively to ensure safety and success.

Furthermore, the video provides practical tips for optimizing the classroom briefing process, including the prioritization of threat assessments and utilizing mnemonic devices like the WANT acronym for efficient briefings. By addressing common challenges such as non-technical events and decision-making under pressure, Guillaume equips aspiring pilots with the tools needed to navigate complex scenarios with confidence.

We are happy to share the final episode of this video series, which aims to demystify the airline selection process and empower candidates with actionable strategies for success. With insights gleaned from extensive industry experience, Guillaume delivers invaluable guidance that can make all the difference in securing a coveted position with top airlines.

To access the full video series and gain exclusive insights into airline selection, watch the full video by clicking here.