Feb 2 / Airline Selection Programme

Elevating Simulator Preparation with Insights into Instrument Flying Skills

Dear pilots,

We have released a new video as part of our "Simulator Preparation for Airline Assessment" series, offering valuable insights into instrument flying skills crucial for aspiring pilots like you.

In the latest video, Guillaume, CEO of Airline Selection Programme (ASP), provides a comprehensive overview of instrument flying techniques essential for success in airline assessments. The video emphasizes the significance of spatial orientation, especially after initial manoeuvres, highlighting the challenges of getting disoriented.

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It covers which aspects of instrument flying you will have to revise and practice in a large jet in raw data, with just VOR and ILS indications and no Map display on your ND, including intercepting a radial and an ILS, navigating and holding over a beacon, holding at an intersection, flying an Arc DME which can save the day in some circumstances.

We emphasize the need to balance mathematical precision with situational awareness for optimal results.

While the video lays the groundwork, it merely scratches the surface of the profound insights awaiting you in our comprehensive Sim Preparation Course. This course serves as an invaluable resource, poised to elevate your skills and enhance your preparedness for your upcoming airline assessments.

We invite you to explore this valuable resource. The video is available on our YouTube channel.