Mar 21 / Airline Selection Programme

Elevating the Cadet Experience in AIC: New Content, Features, and Pilot-360

Dear pilots,

We are constantly updating our products. We are in the process of adding content specifically for Cadets. If you are a Cadet, you need more preparation than if you are an experienced colleague. With thousands applying, making a difference is not optional. You need to prepare. 

We have already added an experience sheet for a Cadet pilot inside Advanced Interview Course, you will see it is actually a very similar exercise for a Cadet than for an experienced pilot. The focus is placed on a lesser amount of years, but you will find that even if you are very young, you have had to make decisions, to stand your ground, to work with others and show signs of leadership. Of course you have. It's just a matter of putting it on paper and working with structure around your answers. We have shot a Cadet specific content and you can watch it by clicking the video below.
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We have also added a CV and Cover Letter for "Junior", in the CV and Cover Letter Course, we are sure you will enjoy it. Once again, you will see that even though there is slightly less to say, the layout is similar, with perhaps a bit more space and a bigger font on the CV. But it's easy to read. The letter, also, follows the same format. It's almost identical to Pete's, our experienced military pilot.

We have also added a new Feedback section inside AIC, with 2 recent Air France feedbacks, in English, a recent Eurowings feedback and a fantastic British Airways feedback, with audio of an Emirates Captain going for British Airways and being successful. You will see, it is impressive how he went about it.

Finally, we have now added a practice option for Pilot-360. So if you want to practice psychometrics ahead of a Pilot-360 Psychometric test inside Advanced Interview Course, it is now possible. We feel this will really launch you into psychometrics with a real time measure of your performance using, like for the 16PF, a professional tool.

We are confident that these enhancements will enhance your learning experience and are looking forward to any feedback you may have.